My Top Ten Favorite Instagram Accounts

Hey loves <3

It’s time for some inspiration here!

If you like my Instagram feed, you will surely like other accounts I use to follow, because they spread the same message as I do. Let’s get inspired ..

  1. Megan bodyposipandabodyposipanda She was the first women with the #bodypositive message I met on Instagram. Before her I din’t know what a big community of beautiful bodypositive women exists. Through her I discovered many other inspiring accounts.. see below:


  1. Gina nourishandeat – She’s spreading beautiful messages and helps women through recovery as she had anorexia and knows how it works.. such an inspiring person.nourishandeat____________________________


3. Iskra iamiskra – look at her pictures and convince yourself. SHE’S THE BOMB! <3



4. Sara 7sara – She is a good friend of mine. Nobody I know has such a beautiful and confident aura like her. She’s my personal role model. <3



5. Ashley theashleygraham – She achieved so much as a plus-size model and she’s simply stunning!! She shows that beauty comes in every shape and size.



6. Farina novalanalove – She is wether a body activist nor a self- love advocate. But she’s one of the few German fashion blogger who is not super super skinny and who shows that you can wear anything if you’re just confident enough. I love her!



7. iamsizehealthy – She is my favorite German blogger when it comes to recovery, beauty standards and this stuff. She’s such a beautiful person in and out and I’m so happy to be in contact with her because she’s a big big heart and she’s a sexy and curvy mama.



8. Amalie Amalielee – She’s such an inspiring person when it comes to recovery.



9. Tara Tara Lynn is such a beautiful and curvy model. THE BOMB!

Tara Lynn


10. Madline madline1991 – She’s a German instagrammer and she writes so beautiful things about eating disorders and beauty standards. She is in my team and I love how she empowers us women to believe in ourself. <3


So now it’s up to you to tell me who is your favorite account on Instagram. I’m so curious! Let me know.


m0reniita. <3

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  1. LG sagt: Antworten

    Thanks very much for this! Your writing and account has helped really change my life this year. I’m 35…time to be free!! :0)

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