• m0reniita
  • Oster Brunch

    Die Kids meiner Klasse und ich sind schon total in Oster- Stimmung. Es war doch erst gerade Weihnachten und schon steht Ostern vor der Tür? Wie die Zeit vergeht.. Ich liebe Ostern sowie ich Weihnachten liebe, weil es die Zeit ist, die wir in einer grossen Familien- Runde zusammen verbringen und das seit Jahren. Ausser […]

  • m0reniita
  • But you’re so unhealthy!

    Usually I don’t care about those haters telling me I’m fat or disgusting or unhealthy because well they just deserve to be ignored. What’s the difference between hate and criticism? I think criticizing someone is like telling him to change into something positive. Sure, nobody has to change but it’s meant to build you up while […]

  • Food
  • My gingerbread is the best

    The countdown has started. Are you in christmas mood already? Well, I am. As you may know I work as a teacher and we’re already preparing for christmas. If it’s way too early? Well, not for me. The kids are excited and seeing this is just so cute, so I get excited too. So before […]