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  • Curvy, please!

    Wednesday evening, 20.15, RTl 2. I was in the kitchen having dinner with my mother when I received a message from my boyfriend telling me that after dinner I have to turn on the tv and watch the brand new model show on the German tv called Curvy Supermodel. Well ten minutes later I was in front […]

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    Are you actually vegan? There’s not one week that I don’t hear that sentence. To be honest: It is so annoying! People always feel the urge to classify others to a certain type of human. But do we really all need to be classified and perfectly fitted in somewhere? Do we need labels in order […]

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  • Letter to a 12 years old me

    Sometimes I wish, I could turn back the time to not be intimidated by the unkind words of others. Going self-confident and powerful through the world means not, you can’t show weakness. But when you are in peace with yourself and the world, you are strong enough to ignore all these words.  .. all the unkind words about […]

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  • Heisshunger? Fressattacken? Teil 2

    so meine lieben..  nun kommt der langersehnte zweite Teil  zum Thema Heisshunger und Fressattacken. Damit ihr in diesem Beitrag versteht, was ich meine, müsst ihr unbedingt zuerst Teil 1 lesen. Dort beschreibe ich, wie und wieso es zu Fressattacken kommt. Im zweiten Teil geht es darum, wie man mit dem Essen (wieder)  Frieden schliessen kann. […]