• Food
  • Brunch: Zur Werkstatt Luzern

    Mit keinem macht Essen mehr Spass als mit meiner Mama. Sie hat mir gezeigt, dass es wichtig ist, die Sachen aufzuessen, da es viele Menschen gibt, die dieses Glück nicht haben. Sie hat mir auch gezeigt, was leckeres Essen ist, denn sie selbst kocht einfach zu gut! Als ich also zum Brunch eingeladen worden bin, […]

  • Lifestyle
  • A short trip to Hamburg

    A few weeks ago my daddy and me spent some beautiful days in Hamburg. We decided months ago that if / when we finally have some free time to spend together we will do a short trip to a German city and well.. we chose Hamburg. As many of you may have noticed my love belongs to […]

  • Fashion
  • I belong to the sea

    Hey loves <3 As you may have noticed, I am a huge fan of the sea! I’m half Italian and half Spanish and that’s why I was quite often by the sea. Although my mommy and me live in Switzerland, we aren’t part of the super rich people here. My mommy has tried to bring us […]

  • m0reniita
  • Embrace your imperfections

    As you might know I am not afraid to show you the most imperfect sides of my body and my appearance. But I have a lot of pictures on my MacBook I never wanted to share with you, because at that point in time I felt very uncomfortable seeing those pictures. And as usual between 10 […]